Hidden Salford: Final Images & Submission to Quay News

Submission to Quay News – Final Ten Images 

These were my final ten images submitted to Quay News for the Hidden Salford Brief…

Final 16 (5 of 16)

Not my first choice aesthetically, but this outside shot fits my criteria for an informative and visual introduction to Artworks and the set

Final 16 (1 of 16)

This is a personal favourite as it perfectly demonstrates some of the spaces available to Artworks as well as it’s aesthetics even in it’s current state. You can really see this as being fit for purpose as a place for various events, gigs, shows, performances etc

Final 16 (8 of 16)

Another vast internal space ready for re-purposing into studio spaces and workshops.

Final 16 (7 of 16)

One of the re purposed areas already being used for creative purposes.

Final 16 (12 of 16)

James Moss – Artist, seen here preparing a piece for exhibition at the Cue Place venue.

Final 16 (10 of 16)

Jai Redman, Artist and Artistic Director of UHC.org – seen here readying a graphic for display as part of a wider body of work.

Final 16 (11 of 16)

Simon Chislet, Artisan Craftsman at UHC.org, assisting Jai Redman with a graphic piece.

Final 16 (14 of 16)

NorfolkHawker Fashion Design studios, exterior shot of the resident studio and client waiting area.

Final 16 (3 of 16)

Christopher J. Davies, Owner and chief designer at NorfolkHawker fashion Design – Seen here at his mood board selecting fabrics for a new design.

Final 16 (16 of 16)

Héctor Barros, Freelance illustrator and designer for NorfolkHawker. – Seen here working on a new design concept for NorfolkHawker.

The Images were accompanied with the following outline of my response to the brief..

Hi Cassie, Rachael.
Further to my previous emails about the Hidden Salford brief as part of my Areas of Photographic Practice B Module at the University of Salford, I am now forwarding my final ten images (See attached) for your consideration. Each image is named with the following convention…
Image number – My name – The subject, address and Postcode – Caption detailing the subject and any persons identified.
i.e 001 – Warren Fournier – Artworks Atelier, 95, Greengate, Salford, M15 8QS – Jai Redman working on an exhibition piece.
Each image is around the 2.5 -3 MB in size at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Should you need larger then please let me know. 🙂
I would also like to give a little further information about Artworks and some contact details should you wish to follow this up with a written piece as part of a feature, as you initially suggested in your initial email. 
Artworks Atelier are part of UHC.org who recently took over the former Trident Lighting retailing warehouse at 95, Greengate in Salford and are currently in the process of converting and renovating this modernist building into art spaces, hot-space studios, workshops, resident artist and design studios and a dedicated gallery and exhibition space. There are also plans for a cafe/restaurant and large capacity event space once the other work is complete.
Hope you find the images suitable and Artworks a worthy subject for a possible feature.
Look forward to hearing from you.
All the best
Warren Fournier – *********
Contact details:
Jai Redman – Artistic Director of UHC.org
Email: *********
Christopher Davies – Director & Chief designer at NorfolkHawker 
Email: **********
Tel: ************
James Moss – Artist
Email: ***********
I am currently waiting for confirmation on whether my images will be included in a solo feature and will update accordingly as soon as I find out.

Hi Warren

We are working through all the projects but we are working backwards from any that are time sensitive.

As most of the journalists are off for Christmas, we are writing the supporting copy ourselves so it is literally one by one.

I can give you a call on Monday to discuss if you could send me your number?

Kind regards,

Cassandra J Ward


Thanks for writing and apologies for the late reply, I’m at my folks over the Xmas and the internet there is sporadic (read – none existent) at best. I’ve also had the misfortune of my phone dying just before Christmas and until I can get a repair done once I’m back in Manchester, I’m phone-less. I’ve never thought myself as being reliant on mobile phones, but I’m actually missing having it – it’s my hub to the outside world!

Anyway, feel free to email me, although I may not pick up your message until Saturday when I’m back in Manchester.

Hope you had a great Christmas.



to Cassie, Cassandra, Rachael, Randles
Hi Cassie,

I’m at the final stages of completion for the module containing the ‘Hidden Salford’ brief. I know we didn’t get to discuss a possible feature over Christmas, but if you could update me as to where things currently stand so I can add this information to my reflective blog ready for hand-in next week I’d be very grateful. Unfortunatley, I still don’t have my phone back from being repaired but please feel free to email me with any pertinent information you currently have.

Hope your had a great Christmas…and Happy New Year!




to Cassie, Cassandra, Rachael, Randles
Hi Cassie, Rachael.

Any update at all? Hand-in for the module is tomorrow and I would like if possible to add the current status of the brief to my final blog entry, ready for this purpose.

Thanks Warren


Hi Warren,

Cassie and I are putting together the Hidden Salford feature on Friday. We will be using a selection of your class’s photography, including your own, however, we will not get chance to write everybody’s feature individually – or put together the one feature before your hand in date.

Kind Regards,



Hi Rachael,
Okay, well that is a bit disappointing. I believe that Artworks would have made a good feature, it’s a vibrant and growing community there and deserve a bit of local recognition, plus they’re doing some amaxzing things with the space as you can probably see from the images… (https://appracticebwarrenfournier.wordpress.com/2013/12/21/hidden-salford-final-images-submission-to-quay-news/)
I do totally understand the constraints that are put upon these sort of projects but I do think communication could have been better in getting things moving with regard to a satifactory outcome for all parties. That said, I’m definitely looking forward to the general feature and it’s been nice working with you guys.
All the best

Final update

Well it seems time has run out and my Artworks images won’t be used in a solo feature as was hoped, but at least they will feature as part of the wider ‘Hidden Salford’ feature. However…


Hi Warren,

We’d still be interested in doing an individual feature for this – (great images by the way!), it’s just we wouldn’t be able to get it done in time for your hand-in date – and as mentioned in my last email, we won’t get chance to do everyone’s individually. I agree, communication has been poor. 
For a start, we were only told mid-November by your lecturer that we were going to have any involvement at all, which is far too late when we have a very demanding degree as well. We were not told of your hand-in date, nor were we informed your efforts would be published to a blog and by having your feature published, it would increase your grade. We were simply told by Les that it would up to us whether we use anything you do, as it would make good content for our site. Additionally, it’s completely the wrong way round. I’m no lecturer, but surely the module should have required you to take images for a story a journalist had done and not for you to find journalists? Or us, rather! And then your lecturer left and his email was disabled. We’ve been unable to get in touch. 

This said, we are still determined for something to come out of this, hence why we are putting an image-led feature together.

Best Wishes,


So it seems my images will be used in a solo feature after but not in the time frame required for for this module. I am at least relieved at this outcome as it vinicates my choices made on this brief and also the people who have featured on it.  Result!

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